Different Massages Available

At Zazil Retreat we work with the best masseurs in the Mazunte / San Agustinillo area. You can contact them yourself and make an appointment, or we can arrange for them to visit you at the Zazil Retreat and give you the massage of your choice.

Hotel with massage service in Mazunte / San Agustinillo

Osteopathic Massages with Lorraine Krohnengold

Osteopathic massage is the final result of 25 years of massage experience from Lorraine Krohnengold. It combines different Western and Eatern massage techniques such as Ayurvedic, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish methods and Psychotherapeutic massage. The osteopathic concept treats the human being in its totality at the mental, spriritual and physical level.

You can visit Lorraine’s website to learn more about her amazing massage skills and get an appointment with her. If you wish to get an appointment at Zazil Retreat, just tell us and we will organize your massage for you!

Lorraine Krohnengold combines different Western and Eatern massage techniques for our clients in San Agustinillo and Mazunte.

Aguahara is a truely powerful massage technique that is done completely in the water.

Aguahara – Water Massage with Jojo Walsh

Aguahara is a very powerful combination of massage, stretching and deep relaxation with a huge healing potential. Just close your eyes, relax deeply and let Jojo take you on a wonderful journey that will help you to connect with your inner self! She will bring you to a state of peace and harmony you haven’t experienced before!

Visit Jojo’s website for more information. You can get your Aguahara session at Zazil’s wonderful infinity pool. So far, every guest who has enjoyed this massage has been full of praise and has given us the best possible feedback about Jojo’s techniques!